Omnioutliner script export error

I’ve been using an applescript to export my omnioutliner files. It has worked great but suddenly I’m getting an error when I issue the export command to Omnioutliner.

The highlighted line of code at the time of error is a basic export command setting the export type to Dynamic HTML:

export to outputPath as "com.omnigroup.OmniOutliner.HTMLExport.HTMLDynamic"

This worked fine until suddenly it’s now giving this error:

error “OmniOutliner got an error: The file “Planning.oo3.html” doesn’t exist.” number 7

Now it gives this error whether or not the file actually is there from a previous export, as if it’s no even able to access that file at all. I’ve checked the folder permissions and ran fix permissions though disk utility to rule that out. Any idea what the issue could be?

Here a link to the script I am running and some discussions around it: