OmniOutliner Templates for Download?

Hi there,

Just wondering if there are some public OmniOutliner templates available for download from the community? Was just looking for a few beyond the standards ones, and perhaps one or two examples of outlines being used for other things beyond the standard class notes, book planning, etc… :)



I wish I could help. I’d really like to know this too. Google is pretty useless for searching the deep web.

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Nobody has any links? I see I’m not the only one asking for it!

My trouble is understanding what kinds of templates you’re looking for. In part, I think the templates included with OmniOutliner are partly there as inspiration for what you can do with the application.

For me, the kinds of templates that I use are very personal to my work and life. I could share them, but I have a feeling that no one needs my template for my lesson plans, for example.

Perhaps you’d be, at least in part, satisfied by exploring other people’s uses for OmniOutliner?


i just did a google search and found this - they’re not in the OO3 format - they’re either PDF or DOC format, but you might be able to find something useful here:

Anything, really. I mean…I’m interested in seeing how people use OO on an every day basis who aren’t writers. I use Omnifocus as well (every day, and I love it). I got OO before Omnifocus but I never used it much - just a few things here and there.

Overall, I try to come back to it every few months or so to see if I can find an excuse to use it every day. But so far, it eludes me.

Thanks! It seems mostly it’s just outlines for papers and such, though. I’m looking for templates about other things. :) Not sure what though…anything not writing related, I suppose. :)

I completely understand! I bought a Mac with OmniOutliner bundled and went through the same. My uses have changed over the years with my life, but now, as I said, I use it for lesson plans and student notes, but also for reference materials and almost all my notes. In case you haven’t seen these: here’s a short thread where people shared their uses for OO and on the old forums, another thread of people’s uses for OmniOutliner.


Thanks! That’s actually mostly what I was looking for. Really great threads. :)

I would love to see your lesson plan template. I am using OO for the same purpose. Can you please share by posting?

Actually, there’s not a lot to it. It’s just an outline of what’s happening in class in a quickly readable presentation. My ‘proper’ lesson plans with all the minutiae still have to live elsewhere.

The manual for Essentials says, “If you have other template files not included in the default set (perhaps created with OmniOutliner Pro or earlier versions of OmniOutliner), you can apply their themes to your documents in OmniOutliner Essentials by linking the folders containing those templates on your Mac to OmniOutliner’s Resource Browser.”

I bought Essentials and I’ve been lightly using it for a few weeks, but I’m not really fond of the imposed color, font, and bullet/triangle visibility settings. So if there are template files from earlier versions of OO, or user-created style templates, would they be available somewhere for download?

Any updates here? I am also using Essentials. Any Pro users who might post their customised templates here?