OmniPlan 3.4 for iOS with App Lock is now available!

OmniPlan 3.4 for iOS is now available for download in the iTunes App Store!

App Lock Documentation:

Release Notes

OmniPlan 3.4 for iOS introduces Brazilian Portuguese and Korean localization support and “App Lock,” an optional privacy feature for locking access to OmniPlan on your device via TouchID or a password.

  • App Lock — When App Lock is enabled TouchID or the App Lock password is required to access the application. This feature is intended to add an enhanced layer of privacy, preventing access to OmniPlan’s contents while your iOS device is unlocked. App Lock does not encrypt documents or block access to OmniPlan’s contents via iTunes File Sharing. App Lock passwords are device specific. If the App Lock password is forgotten, deleting and reinstalling OmniPlan will disable the App Lock feature (note: local data should always be backed up before deleting and reinstalling an application to prevent data loss).
  • Localizations — Added support for Brazilian Portuguese and Korean. If you notice issues in either of these newly supported languages, please let us know!
  • Resources — The Equipment Resource icon now matches the other resource icons.
  • Scheduling — Addressed a bug that could cause resource schedule exceptions to be ignored when exceptions were also scheduled in the project calendar.