ok, i may be missing this bit…
and it looks the forum is dead - as in no one ever comes here so there is no help base

all i want to do is collaborate with a designer… thats it, as shown in the video. I watched the video - excellent exactly what i want to do…and well.
NO its not,
i sync to the server… then what.

My advice is to directly e-mail OP support. Beyond that I don’t think OP has many users at this point nor will it until Omni puts more effort into improving the quality of OP in a big way (I’ve used OP v1 and other Omni apps like OmniFocus, OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner and OPv2 is the worst app they’ve put out, esp. at the $200 price).

What do you mean “Then what?” You sync to the server, your designer opens Omniplan and sees the plan on the server and uses it.

What do you need to know?

I think OP suffers from Omni’s desire to keep things simple. Project management is a specialist, non-trivial exercise. I guess Omni should be applauded for attempting to bring it out of the secret world it normally sits in, but I think they’ve made a rod for therein own backs.

Overall, I think Merlin from ProjectWizards gets the balance more right. Just my opinion

Hi thanks Nick
yes i have jumped to Merlin, flushed the other money down the toilet.
They have a slight issue with false advertising - they make it look like its easy to collaborate - which its not unless maybe it is and they have not told us the secret yet.

Fwiw, in the past OmniGroup have tended to be very good about refunds if you don’t find their products satisfactory within a number of days of purchase. Contact their sales team to see if they’re willing to refund you.

(N.B. I know nothing about OmniPlan and collaboration, so can’t comment on that)