OmniPlan calendar lookup in Google Calendar

Hi, all.

I’m running a project for which my time is limited, and varies a lot from week-to-week. I track my busy life using Google Calendar, via BusyCal. I use multiple calendars. I’d like to be able to point OmniPlan at one of those calendars and tell it to find my availability there, so that I don’t have to update things in two places – they will inevitably fall out of sync, and irritation will ensue.

Can I do this? How?

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@Grace It isn’t currently possible to pull work schedule available directly from a Google calendar - we do however have an open feature request for this functionality, which I’ll attach your post to! For the time being however, you can work around this limitation by setting up your Google calendar in your Mac’s native Calendar app (even if isn’t the application you typically manage your Google calendar in). Once this is set up, you could configure this type of Sync & Sharing action in OmniPlan Pro:

Hope this helps!

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