Omniplan constantly crashes on opening

I have send support multiple crash reports and also email. only to receive automated responses.

I am a professional Project Manager dependant on your products OmniFocus and OmniPlan for effective productivity.

Reluctantly, now using Merlin Project with same project plans without issues. However, prefer OmniPlan’s richer functionality.

What is the root cause of my issue?

When will you resolve this?

How about some form of acknowledgement from a human being?

Hi @Mister_Magoo. We don’t respond to every crash report. If you’d like to communicate with our Support Humans, they answer the phone during business hours (US Pacific time) and respond to emails ( within about one business day.

Crashes do not get a personal response unless we are actively working on the crash and need more information from the reporter. That does not mean they don’t get read or used to fix crashes.