Omniplan dashboard can not identify real time conflict , if one man join in more than one project

Hi Dear,

I don’t know if you will see this mail and get an answer. But I encounter some problem when I use omniplan and omnifocus.

1. Omnifocus has a single big problem, the filter rule "has a defer day” is not enough, I think a  "has a furture defer day” rule is more useful to me.

2. Omniplan has more big problems.

    When I use omniplan to manage my life projects. I am the single user in all the projects of my company and daily life. When I drag my project into a dashboard, disaster come as scheduled. 

    Such as I create two project A and B. The work time is from nine am  to six pm. 

    Then I create a task in project A that it is arrange from 9 am to 10am. I create a task in project B that it is arrange from 11 am to 12 am.

    I put the same man(myself) to task in project A and task in project B, then back to the dashboard.

    WhenI back to  the dashboard. The dashboard the me that, The man(myself) in the task just created in project A and B, has time conflict.(The rectangle at the bottom change from a pure color to a slash rectangle ). But the man(myself) actually has no conflict when work at 9 am to 10am for project A, and work from 11 am to 12 am at project B.

   I wonder if there is a better to indentify a real time conflict for a role in multi projects?

Best wished.
Anger Confuser. 2020/05/14/14:28