OmniPlan filters

I’d like a filter I’ve created to include all of the children tasks belonging to the filtered tasks.

For example, I’ve created a filter to look for name = “prototype 1”. I have a task group called Prototype 1, and I would like my filtered view to show all of the tasks that are in that group.

Anyone have any ideas (other than adding the text “prototype 1” to all of the children tasks?

Try “WBS begins with …”.

  • WBS is the unique, hierarchical outline number for your tasks: e.g., 1.1.2. … .

  • If you take a look in your outline, you should see the numbers next to each task. (If not, look in View > Outline, and make sure “Hide Numbering” is not checked, and make sure “Hierarchical Numbering” is checked.)

I think this is the solution to your difficulty:

  1. Figure out the WBS in common for all of your “Prototype 1” task group. (If I’m not mistaken, it should be the WBS for that very group!)
  2. Let’s pretend your Prototype 1 task group has WBS 2.1.2, and that the first of many tasks in that group has WBS
  3. In the filter, you would try “WBS begins with 2.1.2”. That should filter out all tasks in Prototype 1, and no others.

Please let me know if this works!