OmniPlan for personal time planning

Anyone here has figured out a workflow which works in combination with OF2?

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No, I’m afraid not. To be honest, I’ve put a lot of time and energy (and app-purchase money) into both OmniFocus and OmniPlan and I’m afraid the integration is just too poor for it to be of much use as a suite.

You basically have to double-maintain and it’s just too time-consuming. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about whether to just swallow the sunk cost and move on to find new tools, or keep plugging along with a system that just isn’t working for me.

If you haven’t invested yet, I would say don’t until there’s integration between OP and OF (which I don’t think is currently on the radar). I wouldn’t advise me-from-the-past to invest.

If OF could run a task list of items in OP for specific resources and stay synced (two-ways) between the two, though… oh the power! But really, as it is, it’s just a lot of fiddling for little to no actual day-to-day usability, I’m afraid.

Sorry. I really wanted this to work too.

I’ve just started looking into OP but don’t want to invest and do all that fiddling, as you say.
Curious to know if you have any suggestions/thoughts on possible alternatives out there… ?

+1 here. But I figure it requires a large amount of coding work. Won’t be able to see it in a year even if they finally decided to do it.

+1 here. And I have a question about your picture. Is he the XiliGe?