Omniplan for Project Finance / Cashflow

I’ve been using Omniplan to manage a project that has pretty strict external reporting requirements, including financial reporting. My only recourse in producing a project cash flow has been to build a fairly horrendous spreadsheet that auto-populates a daily calendar for each task based on task start and end date, then multiplies through using a cost lookup on resources assigned. It gives me daily costs for the project that I can then sum by month for the cash-flow. As I said, it’s horrendous, and flawed - there’s no automated way of accommodating holidays, for example.

My question is, does anyone have a better way of approaching this? And a question for Omni - are there any plans to incorporate this functionality as standard in future?

I’ve had the same challenge myself. It would be really useful to be able to see the cost breakdown on a per resource basis at any given time or across time range in the project e.g. monthly cost associated with a particular resource.