Omniplan integration with omnifocus

Is there any integration for omnifocus / omniplan yet? I have of 2 and op 3. if there is not, has anyone found any integration scripts as a work-a-round? I would like the ability to send projects and tasks to op from of. I have only found information regarding omnioutliner which does not help since I do not own. I like the products and would rather use them instead of moving to something else - but at the end of the day, I need something that integrates well or is a one stop shop. so it sounds crappy to enter it on the omniplan forum, but if there is no integration, can anyone recommend another product that does this?

thank you in advance!

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No integration right now.

It looks like OmniPlan is better for larger projects looking at the big picture. OmniFocus is probably focused on the small details at the task level. That’s something that OmniPlan probably won’t do.

It’s a discussion that comes up quite often. The two products do very different things.

This is my view, as a practising project manager who uses both.

Omniplan is fundamentally about managing resources and dependencies - what resources (people, equipment etc) are needed for this task to be accomplished, what other tasks does it depend on (Tis A has to be finished before Task B can start etc) and what other tasks depend on it. It’s a tool for project managers.

Omnifocus is fundamentally about one person’s time available and the priority of that person’s activities. It’s a time and task management tool.

It would be convenient, I think, if it were possible to export from Omniplan to Omnifocus a list of tasks for which I am the assigned resource, but I just don’t think it buys a lot. I think there’s a cognitive benefit to entering my tasks into OF, rather than having a process dump them.

I do think that some of the demand for this feature comes from people who want to use OP as their high-level planner and OP just isn’t very good for that - I think there are much better tools for that purpose.


thanks for the replies, somewhere in the forums I ran into a suggestion to look at Curio 11. I think this may work better for what I need… though I can’t imagine getting rid of OF. I use Alfred with OF and it is very easy to create tasks. I think purchasing OP was a bad call on my part (for what I need). Ah well, live and learn.

I’d second the suggestion of looking at Curio. It’s a very good tool for higher level planning and organisation and it’s possible (via scripts developed by a user) to connect it to OF.

It does take a little while to get to grips with its terminology, but support and community are excellent too

It might be worth saying that this is no top priority for the Omni folks (the quora on this topic is seven years old). As of now, you are able to plan in OmniPlan, export to OmniOutliner and import to OmniFocus to preserve the planned schedules. For some, this might serve as a helper.
No syncing of changes. No connection whatsoever between the two.

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Hi New to the forums here, i have started using Omniplan for IOS, so far i requested if URL Schemes can be integrated on to omniplan, for omnifocus i use workflow to put in task and projects and remiders on DUE app from templates in Workflow, im hoping once they add them it will be easy to add them on both, like others i agree using omplan for bigger picture is a must, but i find it hard to be maintaining to systems that are similar.

Additionally when i was testing omniplan for Mac, i noticed that when i shared a task from omniplan to omnioutliner it would create a hyper link, i copy pasted this to omnifocus and it worked both ways enabling an easy way to clink a link back to the other, this can work but its rather tedious, am in not yet competent in scripting but some one else might take the idea.

I would like to bring up this discussion once again. You’re completely right with mentioning the two very different characters of the software. But I would say it still makes sense to have kind of an export function from omniplan to omnifocus, although a seamless integration seems to be not the right thing.

I’ve set up a bigger project in omniplan now. A lot of tasks that have to be done by a lot of different people. But there’s a bunch of tasks now that I have to do by myself. And this is also defined in the ressources in omniplan. I would like to have a functionality that allows me to export all the tasks that belong to me (as a ressource) and import it to my personal task manager named omnifocus. And imagine then a window pops up, where I can define what information from the task inspector should be exported along with the task description. Even though things like dependencies and other stuff can’t be shown in omnifocus, it would make sense to export the „estimated time“ for example. Or the grouping of tasks. Or to automatically set the deadlines to the current omniplan-status or the next milestone (without triggering any future changings of course). Or putting a task automatically on hold because there’s a dependency in omniplan which says it can’t start until another task has finished and this isn’t the case until now… but this is already a nice-to-have kinda wish…a simple export of a certain selection of tasks… that’s what’s heavily needed.

All this wouldn’t be a kind of a real integration. It’s not perfect or seamless at all. But I would save a lot of time, when it comes to organizing. Until now, I’ve just have to copy a lot of information from one software to another… although this software is coming from the same company and has shit lot of similarties that would make them a perfect couple. It’s frustrating… I’m also working with the mind-mapping-software mindnode. They have such an easy way to export a mind-map-based tasklist to omnifocus. With just a click.

Or is there any possibility like this I might not know?



I’m currently testing some AppleScript I made for myself that do integrate OmniFocus and OmniPlan. It even kind of look nice in the toolbar. I’ll be glad to share it, but before I’d like to have some people willing to test it. Is there someone interested? Just drop me an email:

Note: you must have the 3.x pro version of both applications, since only the pro versions can interact using AppleScript.


How’s that going, Felix?

Hi Enteecee

In fact it’s done and I’m using it every week now. It’s pretty much minimal since it only syncs the task’s names and due dates but in my experience I don’t think it should be more complex than that.

I’m still waiting for inputs from the people who asked to try it, I only received one feedback yet. Once I’m sure it works on other people’s computers, I’ll put it public on this forum.



Hi there.
Here are the scripts I was talking about :

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For those who might have missed this, I just thought I should point out that integration between OmniPlan and OmniFocus is one of the things I mentioned in this year’s roadmap:


@kcase I don’t use Omniplan but if there was synergy with Omnifocus I just might - so this sort of synergy represents a cross-sell opportunity (as well as delighting some people).


Surely what everyone wants is something that takes all your quick action and note entries from a project in omnifocus and turns it into a networked/gant charted project in omniplan. I don’t know how long it would take to create that algorithm, or how profitable it would be, (quite, I should imagine, for omnigroup,) and exponentially more in terms of time saved by the community of hundreds of thousands of dedicated users and therefore everyone their projects benefit). Hhhmm. Who could set A project like that up, I wonder? Perhaps someone should run some monte carlo simulations and see what resources it might take and what the benefit would be? From my point of view none of us can afford to not do it, or have it. The clock is always ticking, someone is always coming up behind you, and none of us are getting any younger.

I mean after all, the threads about this only go back to at least 2014. Poor Omni group - building all these wonderful tools and then finding out they’re either not good enough to get ‘er done or - presumably - they’re just not using them? either way this has been bad P.R. since 2014. I’m kind of embarrassed. For them. Still. There is one tiny mention on the 2019 roadmap. I await eagerly to see what they come up with in the next 6 months before publicly reviewing this project again. For Twitter. It could be quite shaming. Damning even. I suspect by then I will have surveyed all the alternative tools out there.

I’m curious - do you think this capability is worth $200 - $400 (cost of OP/OP Pro) to enough people to support your argument?

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No, wait, I’m curious. Are you saying the time you’d save by buying those tools for $400 wouldn’t pay them off in two weeks? Are you saying you could really afford to not buy those tools?