OmniPlan <-> JIRA Syncing

Are there plans in the future to allow seamless Jira <-> OmniPlan sync (even through some kind of API / Scripting lang)


We don’t have any specific plans yet, but we do have a feature request to which I’ve added your vote!

+1 Please record my vote for a connector!

+1 for Jira support. The more products in your ecosystem, the more value. Win/win/win

Definitely +1 on this… In some quick searching I have seen some references to old scripting approaches for tying the two together. Is this still something that works? Is anyone currently using this type of workflow?

Add my vote.

@thebroz Thanks for letting us know you’d find this useful! However, the best way to let us know you’d like to see functionality implemented is by sending our Support team an email. More information about how we handle feature requests is available here, if you’re interested!

+1 Jira <-> Omniplan connector! Many thanks!

+1 Please record my vote for a connector!