Omniplan to calculate needed resources?

Hi! New Omniplan user here. Im trying to figure out if Omniplan can help me with the following. Im scoping a project that has 5 tasks. Each of those require 1day of work by a single person. So I need the following:

  • I need to be able to tell Omniplan, that the project actually. needs to deliver earlier,say in half the time, and therefore, could omniplan look at all resources and report back that I’ll need twice the people’s effort? How?

Another case would be where I would have 10 tasks defined with a duration of 1day. Let’s assume I want to tell omniplan that this should all be done by the same resource group.

  • Is there a way, given an end date for the project, that Omniplan reports back how many resources I will need for those 10 tasks, given the fact that they -cannot- be split, but can be done in parallel.

Basically I’m looking to see what would be the best way to use Omniplan to ‘plan’ all my tasks, each of them assigned to a different group of resources, and then omniplan can help me figure out how many people should be in each resource group given conditions such as start/end project date.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

I think overallocation is your friend for this. Set up the tasks and fix their duration and allocate the resources. Ominplan can tell you that Resource A is over allocated (greater than 100%) and the overallocation level lets you know how much more resource you need (e.g. if Resource A is show at 200%, you need another full resource).

Hope that helps

Ah nice!

I just wish omniplan could offer a more elegant way to establish a project and display this overallocations as a value that could be in a report and/or used in other areas.

That said, your answer helps somewhat,thanks a ton!