OmniPlan Tutorial...short version to help transition from MS Project

I’m a long term MS Project user and know Project really well. Now that I’m only using a Mac I need a PM tool. Is there a short tutorial to help with this transition? I can create a task, add dependencies but the start dates don’t update properly and there are other, probably basic task info, that drive this behavior.
Example: I have a task with 3 subtasks. The start date is 8/24 for instance but the displayed start date is 9/3 (this task has no dependencies).
There is another tasks that does have dependencies (F-S) and the task is displayed as what appears to be a delayed start which makes no sense.
I’m hoping that a quick overview that just discusses the basics without going into all the options would be helpful making this transition.

Hi @BruceW, the online documentation contains a pretty nice tutorial that will give you quick orientation on scheduling in OmniPlan. If you have 30 minutes to an hour I’d highly recommend taking the time go through it. There are also several videos on our website.

The complete user manual can also be really useful for searching the documentation; if you view that page in Safari you should be able to use ⌘F (command-f) to do a keyword search to find information about specific features anytime you get stuck.

And of course, you’re also welcome to email us with specific questions anytime you get stuck!

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In addition to the resources that @anne provided, another quick tip: if an item isn’t behaving as expected, try selecting it, and then selecting View > Show Scheduling Influences; it’s very handy!