OmniPlan URL Scheme

Does OmniPlan have a URL scheme similar to OmniFocus, and if so, where is it documented?

(I’m assuming not; I see there was a similar question for OmniGraffle. I also note the suggestion re. using workflows and that there don’t seem to be any workflow examples for OmniPlan.)

The new OmniPlan changes the menu path to task-specific URLs:

com.omnigroup.OmniPlan4 :: (Edit > Copy Link to Task)


com.omnigroup.OmniPlan3 :: (Edit > Copy As Link)

For documentation, see, for example, if you have an installation of OmniPlan4:

Accessing Items by URL
OmniPlan supports URLs (links) beginning with omniplan:/, most commonly created with the Copy Link To Task menu command. When you open such a URL, OmniPlan opens and highlights the specified item.
For example:
omniplan:/Volumes/Local/Users/someone/Desktop/Coffee%20Plan.oplx opens the Coffee Plan project on the user’s desktop.
omniplan:/Volumes/Local/Users/someone/Desktop/Coffee%20Plan.oplx/task/14 opens the project and highlights the task that has the unique ID of 14.
omniplan:/Volumes/Local/Users/someone/Desktop/Coffee%20Plan.oplx/task/14,22,67 opens the project and highlights the tasks that have the unique IDs of 14, 22, and 67.
You can also make URLs which query for certain values other than ID:
omniplan:/Volumes/Local/Users/someone/Desktop/Coffee%20Plan.oplx/task?title=Clean%20Up opens the Coffee Plan project on the user’s desktop and highlights any task titled “Clean Up”.
omniplan:/Volumes/Local/Users/someone/Desktop/Coffee%20Plan.oplx/task?name=Clean%20Up also opens the project and highlights any task titled “Clean Up”.
omniplan:/Volumes/Local/Users/someone/Desktop/Coffee%20Plan.oplx/task?position=1.9.1 opens the project and highlights the task at outline position 1.9.1. Note that the URLs use hierarchical numbering regardless of whether you have hierarchical or flat numbering turned on in the View menu.
A file must be saved in a location that the OmniPlan sandbox can access before it can be the target of an OmniPlan URL. OmniPlan URL link paths are absolute, so moving a file from one location to another breaks any links to it.

Thanks for the information. I have the iOS version of OmniPlan 3 - I’m assuming the URL’s work similarly, but, unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any documentation.

Is there any way to add tasks to OmniPlan for iOS through the URL scheme, or is it read only? (According to the link I posted above, OmniFocus has an “add” verb for adding tasks.)