OmniPresence for Documents folder

Do you think that OP would support this use case? In our house, we have two MacBook Pros, an iPad and a Kindle. My wife and I, and several family members and friends, have accounts on the Macs. Could I use OP to sync the contents of our home directories across those devices? The Kindle is optional.

I’d like to more easily share laptops – that is switch from one to the other. And, when my wife an I travel, we only bring one laptop, but it would be nice to have all our files together. Also, having general access from the iPad would be a bonus. We don’t currently use any other form of syncing from Omni. I do have a DropBox account, but don’t use it so often.

On the iPad, would it be possible to restrict so that each user could only see their own files? Or, would everyone see everything? If the latter, I might leave the iPad out of the equation.

I would envision using a server at home rather than on the cloud.



I would suggest something like Resilio Sync personally - it will only sync between devices meaning they both have to be on, but it’s free for personal use and easy to use. I’ve never used OmniPreswnce for anything other than syncing Omni documents myself though :)