OmniPresence: iPad Pro to/from macOS

Serious question: is anyone making this work?

I am trying to setup a workflow between my iPad Pro and macOS (High Sierra) for OmniGraffle.

There are two issues for me:

  1. Constant sync conflicts

  2. Unable to open sync’d stencils.

I have installed the OmniPresence app on my MacBook. I use GoodSync to sync files from my working folders under Documents to a subfolder under the OmniPresence folder. For example: Documents/Client/Workflow to OmniPresence/Client.

I would like to start a diagram on my MacBook and view/edit it on my iPad Pro, but it is really hit or miss if the same file is on my iPad. I have stopped ‘syncing’ to/from my OmniPresence folder, due to the constant creation of files with sync conflict added to the file name.

Is there something I am missing? What is the workflow that people use to share work between the macOS and iOS platforms?

I believe this is the root of your problems. To quote GhostBusters “don’t cross the streams” (streams being using multiple syncing options). I would recommend you simply store the documents inside the OmniPresence folder, and if you really need them in the Workflow folder then you could have symbolic link from the document in the OmniPresence folder there to represent it.


Fair enough. I appreciate your reply, but I don’t see the difference between editing in The OmniPresence folder and copy a file into that folder. Your response leads me to believe that OmniGraffle is telling OmniPresence about edits and the sync process responds accordingly.