Omnipresence release notes appear at every login

For some time now, every morning, when I turn on my Mac and log in, the release notes of Omnipresence appear. Sometimes it’s version 1.7, sometimes it’s version 1.6. I just close the window and everything works fine but it’s getting a bit annoying so I’m wondering why this is happening and if it is normal and how to fix it if it isn’t.

I’m using macOS Mojave 10.14.6 and Omnipresence 1.7 which launches at login.

OK, since no one answered, I figured this was something specific to my setup so I looked into it a bit more. And I believe I found the culprit!

I have OmniPresence on my desktop Mac and also on my MacBook and I have backups to both on the same external drive, on different partitions. I hadn’t updated OmniPresence on the MacBook for a while because I wasn’t using it much during the Covid lockdown and even in the few months before that. So on my Mac I had version 1.7 and there was a 1.6 version on the backup of the MacBook.

Every morning, when I turn on the Mac, all the partitions on the external disk are also mounted for the morning backup. So, I suppose that sometimes, OmniPresence 1.6 from the MacBook backup was automatically launched, sometimes it was the 1.7 version on my Mac. When it was a different one from last time, the release notes appeared, the system probably thinking it was something new. At that time, I had another problem and it didn’t occur to me that the two were related but now I realize that they were. When the backup was done and I wanted to unmount the partitions on the external disk, it sometimes didn’t go well. I had to force eject the MacBook backup partition and this could cause a kernel panic.

The solution I found was to update OmniPresence on the MacBook and do a backup to the external disk. Now it’s version 1.7 everywhere. I suppose it is now always the version on my Mac that launches because, since the update, I don’t see the release notes anymore and the partitions eject just fine.

Hopefully, this may one day be of use to someone else.