OmniPresence uploading tons of data!

Hi all.

For the last two days, my “upload” data usage has jumped tremendously. From a daily average of about 0.25 GB to 2.18 GB two days ago, 3.49 GB yesterday and already 0.67 GB so far today, about 45 minutes after turning the computer ON.

Using Activity Monitor, I see that OmniPresence seems to be the culprit: it’s the highest-rated process when looking at “Sent Bytes”.

What is going on??? Has anything changed in the last two days? I know that my behaviour has not changed (NOT TRUE, see below). I only use OmniOutliner on and off, on average 2-3 times a day, launching it when I want to add a note, then quitting it until later. OmniOutliner never stays “launched” more than a few minutes at a time.

I DID make a change, probably two days ago: in OmniOutliner, I added a link to a folder that contains five videos totalling about 750 MB. Is that the source of the problem???


@M_ichel If you accidentally embedded the folder of videos in your OmniOutliner document (instead of linking it), that certainly could be the cause of this behavior! If you’d like assistance looking into this, our Support team would be happy to help out. They can be reached by email at or by phone Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm Pacific at 1 (800) 315-6664 or 1 (206) 523-4152.

Well… I did use Edit/Attach Files…

I guess that copied the files into my OO document.

HOW do you link to an “external” file, say, a folder??? Couldn’t find a menu item for this…


P.S. I’ve since removed the offensive folder from my OO document; but I also stopped OmniPresence and I’m going to re-evaluate my need to be able to access my OO documents on the road.

If you change the saved file format away from the flat file, back to a package file, it should go back to only syncing deltas, rather than uploading the whole file each time. At least, that was my experience.

??? Sorry, but you’ve lost me there! Where/how do I change the saved file format?


In the inspector, make sure you have the document tab selected.

Under the format and metadata section, there is a dropdown where you can choose:

  • Save as flat file (single file where any edit will result in a change to the file)
    ( Save as file package (a zipped file of assets, where atomic edits can be tracked and reduce file transfers by ignoring unchanged elements)


Hey Splinky! Thanks!

However, I’m not seeing what you’re seeing!!!

Here’s the inspector for one document that I’m changing practically every day, these days:
Besides, OS X tells me it IS a package:
Hum… Version problem?

I’m running 4.6.1:

And OO says I’m up to date:

I’m still on OS X 10.12.6 (and not going anywhere else with this machine). Could this be the problem???

For the time being I’ve stopped OmniPresence and will not access my files from the IOS devices…


The latest version is actually 5.4.2.

Version 5 was a paid upgrade.

But if your version 4 is already using a package file, then maybe my entire piece of advice is a failure in any case?