Omnipresence WebDAV "pettishness"

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I know that topic has been around for a while and some people have their problems with the following issue, including myself:

Omnipresence is kind of sensible when it comes to the WebDAV servers it shall talk to. I know that there is no single WebDAV standard, but nevertheless it’s a bit annoying.

I’m running a synology NAS with DSM 5.0, WebDAV enabled on http and https. The compatibility check of omnipresence fails with the following error message:

We could not connect to your selected cloud location.

Could not access the WebDAV location

Please make sure that the destination folder exists.

I googled a bit and learned that I’m not alone. But I found no feasible solution to solve this issue. I don’t want
to install a debian chroot and install an apache WebDAV on the synology NAS (ok, maybe I want, but I dont’t know howto do it).
There is an Owncloud Package for my Synology NAS. So I tried to install Owncloud in a virtual linux machine and tested if I can connect Omnipresence to the Owncloud WebDAV server. Guess what? Doesn’t work. Not compatible.

I googled a bit and again I learned that I’m not alone:

The owncloud developer finally said that probably there’s a bug in Omnipresence. Ok, that’s easy fingerpointing, but hey, I’ve connected already so many WebDAV clients to my WebDAV server and never had an issue.

I would really really love to connect Omnipresence to the Synology WebDAV Server. By the way: Omnifocus 1 and 2 (both on Mac and iOS) have no problems to sync with the Synology WebDAV Server.

If the omni group does not want to fix this, then maybe somebody out there has an idea what I might do to sync Omnipresence to my NAS.

Currently, this issue keeps me from investing some money to buy Omnioutliner for Mac and iOS.

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I’m also running into the same type of issues re: Synology NAS. The conformance test used to return a message about the server not supporting the PROPFIND request, but after the latest update to Synology’s latest NAS firmware, the test seems to go all the way (progress bar fills up and completes), but then Omnipresence tells me: “Error connecting! We could not connect to your selected cloud location. The network connection was lost.”

This seems misleading, since it doesn’t have any problem to connect, start and perform the conformance test. Only errors out at the very end.

I would debate the OP’s assertion that there is no “single webdav standard”:

I would happily pay for a working version of Omnipresence, but right now, even as a free product, I feel it is not up to Omni’s standards :-( Hopefully they can get it there with our help - I’ll forward my experiments and issues to support.

+1 for a solution for this. Im happy to be using Omni Server but would be more useful to use my own storage. As Heiko mentioned above there is a solution by installing debian but its a little bit of a pain and I wonder what sort of additional load it would put on my low powered NAS.

I just wanted to post a solution because I couldnt find one while doing a quick google search. The solution is pretty easy, all you have to do is include a destination in the connection link. If you do not include one, synology will get confused. I used to have the same problem with ftp connections.

Here would be an example for a valid webdav connection link using Synology DSM 5:

Hope this helps someone!

  • Riki

Tested in DSM 6.0-7321 wich was installed today. Woks now.

Folder has to exist on Diskstation
WebDAV has to be enabled. :)