'On Hold/Someday/Maybe' Perspective without showing 'No Contex' first

I would like to have a perspective to view only contexts that are on hold. The one I have currently, it shows ‘No Context’ at the top. At first that bothered me, but given the few tasks which are without context, it might work out in the long run to have them in place. However, I would prefer to have my actual contexts like Waiting or Someday show first in the perspective.

Current setup:

No Project hierarchy
Group and sort by Project
Filter status: Any a Status
Filter Availability: Remaining
Filter Duration: Any
Filter contexts: On Hold

There’s probably a better ways to set this up too, and if there suggestions regarding any of this, please enlighten me. Thanks.

I have manually created such a perspective by using the “Sidebar Selection” part of the perspective window, like so (I only have 1 waiting for context - I used to have 2 and this worked just as well):

Thank you. I guess there is no way to get rid of the “No Context” in a perspective based on specified contexts (seems odd), but everbody uses this thing differently and it provides enough flexibility for me, in most cases.

This seems to work. I don’t like that my two ‘On Hold’ contexts have to be highlighted, even within the perspective, to blot out the ‘No Context’ but the fact that they, and only those two, are selected by default when I switch to it makes it significantly better. This is more effective than what I had been trying. Thanks again!