On iOS, Is It Possible to Dismiss the Share Sheet After Running an Automation?

I have demonstrated the question in the video:

  1. I selected a task and invoked the share sheet
  2. I tapped and ran the “Work” automation multiple times.
  3. What I’m expecting is: after the automation runs, the share sheet should dismiss itself.
  4. What’s actually happening in the video: the share sheet won’t dismiss itself after running the automation.
  5. I have an opposite example at the end of the video: when I tapped the “copy” menu (it’s not an automation), the share sheet dismissed itself.

I understand that there are scenarios that would benefit from keeping share sheet open after automaton running. (For example if you want to run multiple automations or run the same automation multiple times)
But it would be better if there is an OF automation API to dismiss the share sheet, so that I can use it to dismiss the share sheet after running an automation.
Does the API mentioned above exist?

Thanks in advance!


In the latest iOS OF, the share sheet now is dismissed after running an automation. I didn’t change anything on my automations, so I assumed it was a bug that share sheet wasn’t dismissed and they have fixed it.