"On the go" context in 'Near' functionality - OF IOS

This has been probably asked elsewhere, I apologize for this.

i would like OF to recognize when I am on the car (moving) and show me which tasks I have pending in this context, without the need for me to manually search for them before I start moving (I am driving…)

It would use the Near context GPS functionality, only that instead of alerting me when I pass near a location, it would detect I are moving beyond, say. 10 km / hr and automatically show me all things I can do while on the move.

I am thinking of errands, mainly. Better yet, it could partner with google maps or similar and show you an optimum route to pick up all your errands. That is a bit far fetched, I know, but the first version seems available in other apps today (parking place reminder apps, for instance.

¿Anyone has the same need?