Once more: Everyday task + defer time + due time

Dear all,

I have been Todoist user for a while, but now I am thinking of moving to Omnifocus. One of the things I need is planning a serie of days for working on a specific task. For example, I have to write an essay for the 28th of March, but I believe I just need 5 days to do it. In Todoist I create the task “Write Essay” and enter the following sentence “everyday day from 23th of March”. From that date, if I mark the task, then it reappears the next day. If I do not mark it, it appears as “Overdued”. When I finish the task I have to delete it –otherwise it would be endless– or I have to delete the date and then mark it as “Completed”. Of course, the ideal possibility woulld be having the option of setting a “Due date” (e.g. 28th of March) as well.
After reading a lot of messages here, I really cannot understand whether it is possible either the “ideal solution” or the “second-best-solution”. On the one hand, setting the "everyday option"in Omnifocus does not work, because it duplicates the whole task. On the other hand, if I set as “Defer time” day-1 and as “Due time” day-4, the task does not appear in the Forecast neither the day-2 nor the day-3.

Thanks for your help!

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Personally I see “Write essay” as a project, I also define the sub tasks differently such as “outline”, “research part X”, etc. - but you could also just put “work on essay” as a task if you prefer - once on each date, and set the project to be consecutive (which means you only see the first unchecked task in your perspectives).

Why not set the task with a ‘Defer Until’ 23 March and to repeat using ‘Defer Another’ 1 day?

If you want it to appear in some kind of today view (like in Todoist), you could either flag it and it will show in the Flagged perspective or you could the Due date to the same date as the defer date then it will appear in the Forecast perspective.

I personally would prefer the flagged method.

Thank you👍, I will try this software