One click to add items to inbox?

Is there anyway to automatically open the omnifocus to the add items screen? I find myself not adding items because of the extra click. It would be great if I could input an item from the widget or even if I could launch the application directly to that screen.

Edit: this is for iOS

Do you have quick entry set up in preferences/General Tab? Ctr-opt-space brings up quick entry box to add items. After you hit enter item is entered and quick entry closes. Hit Shift enter and you can add additional items to the quick entry.

That is absolutely a solution! I use that on my Mac, haha, I should have specified that this is for iOS.

I use a “ShortCut” in the “ShortCut” App to make New Projects I imagine you could do something similar with other new items. There are several pre-made Omnifocus shortcuts in the library that you can tweak also. then attach a Siri command or make Icon on home screen.

As this is iOS do you have 3D Touch? One item there is to create a new task.

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