Online Library for PlugIns like Stenciltown?


Is there a online library for PlugIns like the Stenciltown, where I can get and share Plugins and Automation Scripts?


There are some that Sal made up at including examples and templates, but I don’t think we have the support in the forums to upload plug-ins, .omnijs, .omnigrafflejs, or other scripting files. All that we could share here would be code (not files). Everyone who would like to request such a place be created, please email us at




Just an idea, what about a general market/donorplace for scripts, templates and other things connected to the omni-programs? Lika a simple app store meets fivrr. Where people could call for/order scripts that eventually other coders in the community could write for a price/donations, but also a place where people that have done a script/template/workflow/and so on could upload them in a easy to find way.


This would be a HUGE help. Hoping a vote here counts :)


Also I Vote for this. There should be a place created thanks.

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