Online stencil library


How do you access the online stencil library mentioned in the following link:



Just use the search field on the Stencils inspector. Any results from the Omni Library will appear below your local stencils:

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Ah. Well, I’m behind. Corporate firewall, but there is a proxy server. How do I get OG to,use it?

Thanks for the reply.


Ooh, you might want to contact That sounds like a use case we should make sure is in our development database.

According to the blog post here: I should be able to search the new free Omni Library of stencils from within Omnigraffle 5.4.4 on my mac. However, the only search option I now see is for Graffletopia which of course no longer works. How do I get Omnigraffle 5 to search the new Omni Library?

The interface has not changed. The same search field which used to search Graffletopia now searches our own stencil library.

Please note that our stencil library does not contain all the same resources as Graffletopia.

ah, thanks! I see what I was doing wrong and the ‘graffletopia’ text in the search drop down threw me off. Is there a page I can look at to browse all available stencils?

Can you be more specific as to where you are seeing the word “Graffletopia”? That should have been removed.

Not at this time, no.

I don’t know if this is relevant, but it still says Search Graffletopia in the search bar/stencil dropdown on OG for ipad.

Thanks, did not know about this feature. The search function and search result is a bit underwhelming to be frank. For instance, no hits on the keyword wireframe which is one of the things Omnigraffle is used for most. Some way to browse the library would be welcome. Otherwise, a great initiative and hope it will prove to be more useful in the future and contain a bit more than the puny stencil seed it has now.

Screenshot showing where it says Graffletopia is here:

I’m using Omnigraffle Pro 5.4.4. Checking for updates only prompts me to upgrade to version 6 which I’m not interested in since v5 does all I need it to do!

And yes, I agree with Hauk that the search is pretty underwhelming.

Agreed! We’re working on expanding it right now. We should have something ready shortly. Find out more here if you have something to add.

I am on version 6. All my stencil are gone
The only stencil I have is Shapes ! I have no access to Graffletopia
What can I do ?

As the online stencil library grows, it would be wonderful if it were browsable, as well as searchable. It can be hard to figure out what something might be named and I certainly used to find useful stencils on Graffletopia completely by chance. Thanks for considering and for sponsoring the library.


I never used the search, or knew it existed, until Graffletopia became a paid site. I had always used the browsable Graffletopia site, so I agree that it would be great for the Omnigraffle library to be browsable via the web.

I had this same issue, but figured out the problem – looking carefully at your screenshot, you’ll notice that your ‘back’ button is highlighted. Hit that once or twice, and you’ll be taken up the tree to see the rest of your stencils! (at least it worked for me). Why it starts out so deep in the tree structure, I have no idea.