OO for iOS, URL Scheme?

Hello I wondered if there was a URL scheme for OmniOutliner for iOS.

I can use omnioutliner:// to launch the app, but I would like to be able to open a specific outline within a specific cloud folder.

Is this possible? (if it is, is there also a scheme for appending/prepending items to an outline?)




I am looking for the URL scheme too. It would help me so help.

I love OmniOutliner; it’s sad that people don’t pay enough attention to it.

While OmniOutliner for iOS doesn’t currently have a URL Scheme, we do have an open request for that ability; please email omnioutliner-ios@omnigroup.com, so we can include you in the request!


Any news here?

Yes! The Pro edition of OmniOutliner 3 for iOS has support for running rich JavaScript-based automation via its URL scheme:


Sal Soghoian has put together demos of how this can be used over at https://www.omni-automation.com/omnioutliner/.