OO image import/export/handling

I am starting to chafe at the limitations of my 5-month-old copy of Essentials, as I am now taking notes from videos and would like to include/embed screenshots alongside (or in a sub-node to) many of the entries so that they appear visible inside the outline. I am considering upgrading to the full version but I have few questions about OO’s handling of images:

  1. Where are embedded images located? In the outline file itself? Or are they copied to a folder somewhere and referenced? (If it’s the latter, where are the folders located?)

  2. Are embedded imaged downsized or downrezzed when saved?

  3. When displayed in the outline I assume images are properly resized based on the margin widths of the node, yes?

  4. Can images be drag-and-dropped into an OO outline node from

  • Finder?
  • a web browser window?
  • Apple Photos.app?
  1. Can images be drag-copied out to the Finder?

  2. How many images may be included per entry node?

  3. Is there a practical limit due to app design or RAM as to a practical limit to photo size or number of photos per outline before the app starts to slow down?

Thanks in advance!

It is saved with the outline file.

No, it is a duplicate of the file attached. OmniOutliner does not have any image processing abilities.

Images are sized down to the column width if they would normally exceed it, for display purposes only. The image file is not resized.

Finder - Yes
Browser - It should, but may depend on the browser. It appears Safari doesn’t work right now but we should be able to fix that.
Photos - No. A lot of apps won’t accept drags from Photos, I don’t know the technical details.[quote=“sgian, post:1, topic:33747”]
5) Can images be drag-copied out to the Finder?

There isn’t a hard limit nor much of a guideline we can give you. It will depend on your machine.

If you haven’t unlocked the trial from the MAS yet, you could use that to test these features yourself if that would help. Or contact sales for a trial license. sales@omnigroup.com

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That was an awesome, complete answer! Thanks so much.

I bought Essentials direct from Omnigroup so maybe I’ll contact the sales email this week. Thanks again.

I find that it’s easier to drag images in, but if you are like me, and want to import about 300-400 images (thumbnails from video) there is no option except hand-work, which is a royal pain and prone to errors. I have tried going through Word and Tree (for the OPML) but no luck. Somehow ought to be easier, but is very hard if you are working with thousands of images.

Thanks. I gave up on the idea of using OO on my Mac for images, and in fact I haven’t found any Mac app that handles large numbers of images without eating RAM and working in an ungainly fashion. I use OO for text only, and if I need to get outlines on an iOS device I save to OPML and use a more barebones Mac outliner I have (which happens to use iCloud to sync to its iOS app) for viewing.

I was intrigued by Tree because I like horizontal outliners, but the developer’s site has been dead/blank for several months. GIngkoApp allows image insertion, but its pricing structure is part mystery, part insanity: free if you create less than 100 ‘cards’ a month, or ‘support’ by ‘subscribing’ on a “pay hat you want basis.” I don’t see how such a structure can support the app long-term so I don’t feel comfortable settling into it.

Apple Pages has a nice feature that you can select an image in the Finder and “paste” right into the document. However, I could fold my sections. My doc has 100k words and images every 10 seconds of footage, so it’s too much for OO5 to handle. I had to break it into smaller sections, which was the point of having tags so I could find out how often I interview so and so, and how often I mention specific topics.