OO List not Displaying

Hi Folks

I just wanted to run this past the hive mind to see if anyone else is having the same problem.

One of my OO files is a list of headings with subheadings (indented by one level). There are a total of five fields: -

Topic (text)
Ready (tickbox)
Packed (tickbox)
Pack Where (text)
Used (tickbox)

If I scroll down the list, then back up I get to about 2/3 of the way up the list then get a message at the top saying Loading more Rows. After a second or two I can then scroll to the top of the list, but as soon as I remove my finger from the screen the list scrolls down to a point 1/3 of the way from the top, and if I scroll up I get the Loading more Rows message again.

I am using a 3rd gen iPad 64GB with about 30GB of space left on the drive.

Is it just me, in which case I will report to support.



Hi Folks

I forgot to update this post to let you know the outcome.

It turns out that there was a bug in v1.x that prevented you from displaying long outlines. Mine had less than 200 items in it. I was assured that this was resolved in v2.x

Being able to display an outline is a fairly fundamental requirement of an outlining application, so I have lost some confidence in Omni over this and decided not to upgrade, and instead use a competitors product, which is not as complex, but works.

If OO for OSX were cheaper I might have upgraded, becuase I like to have portability of data between devices, but the price of that product has always been a sticking point for me. I just can’t understand why it is so expensive compared to OF.

I continue to use OF on both iOS and OSX and find it my most used and useful piece of software.

Thanks for the heads up on this as a potential problem. I have OO Pro for Mac and have been seriously considering OO for iOS.

But I’ve been reading these forums for a little while now, and don’t understand why Omni would not even bother to answer your original post.


Don’t rule it out. That problem should have been sorted in this version.

Which version? An upcoming one, or one that is already released?


The current version is version 2, this is the sorted version.

I’m sorry that OmniOutliner 1 was so frustrating, when it came to loading rows. Part of the evolution of OmniOutliner in more recent versions has been to take advantage of more powerful hardware, and the increasingly robust iOS, and consequently, I find the current version of OmniOutliner 2 for iOS works very well.

While it sounds as though you’ve found another application that works better, I’d be happy to check and see how your document loads in the current builds, if that’s of interest; just let me know! If not, I certainly understand, and hope the other application is working well for you!

We visit the forums as time allows, but all of our tech support is handled via email or phone; if you contact us via one of those methods, we’ll help as quickly as possible!

Thanks Orion. I left the original post on here in case I was doing something stupid. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I should have made it clear though that I contacted Support when no answers were forthcoming, and it was them that assured me that the issue had been fixed in version 2.

Thanks a lot for the offer of testing my file for me. I am happy with the outliner that I am using now.

Happy to hear that you’ve found a good solution, and if you’d like to share what it is, you’re certainly welcome to do so. OmniOutliner isn’t the right tool for everybody, though we keep working on it, and you can certainly discuss other solutions here.

My note about contacting tech support via email was for @SGIII, just to explain why forum postings aren’t always responded to in a timely fashion, or (perhaps) at all. I had guessed, based up on your update, that you’d corresponded with one of us; I’m sorry we didn’t have a fix for you, in the version you’re using.

Sure, but surely visiting the forum before letting weeks go by would be good for Omni and for OO users:)


Fair point!

We have somebody checking in each day now, but it’s always a balancing act. We’ll keep working on it!