OO Useful Scripts

There was a time when the Useful Scripts link was published on the website. I’ve searched and can not find them anymore on the site.

I haven’t looked again for it, but here’s a link to a copy I’ve saved.

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Has anyone had luck in installing the useful scripts for oo5 in MacOS 11?
I found them at this archived address.
I really only used a few. The most valuable to me were the ones to collapse to the chosen levels.

Thanks, Scott

Just tested “Collapse To Level X” script, and works here (macOS Big Sur).

Works for me, too, in Big Sur. Also working for me from OO Useful Scripts: Expand All Notes and Collapse All Notes.

Thank you both. I dove in to try again. It’s working now. What’s strange how though is that I’ve changed the name of the script from “Collapse to Level X” in the scripts folder to just “Level X” and the customize tool bar is not showing the new name. I’ve restarted everything.
I had thought that maybe I have two sets of the tool but repeated searching of my HD for the prior name fails to find anything.
Is the name somehow hidden?
I’ve done this in prior Mac OS without issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Scott