OO3 bug with comments

Thanks for OO3… it’s great so far!

Bit of a bug though - both on the iPad and iPhone comments are cut off. Or more specifically, with longer comments the line height isn’t drawn high enough so content gets cut off. After editing the line (or doing just about anything else) OO3 notices it has it wrong and the line height gets corrected… temporarily.

This did get a beta test, right? ;) Kinda hard to miss…

I’m sorry for the trouble this is causing! I created a test document with a parent row and a child, both with notes that were 15 paragraphs of lorem ipsum. I’m able to view the entire contents of the note on my iPhone and iPad. Checked both viewing and editing, in both portrait and landscape.

Admittedly it’s just a two rows with a single massive note in the document, but would you be able to send your document for us to have a look at?

Aha - poked at this some more and figured it out. Looks like it’s the combination of long comments and a multicolumn document that causes this. Bug filed - thanks for the report!

Thanks for looking into it! And glad to hear it wasn’t a super obvious thing 😊

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