OO5 any new sync capabilities?

I just downloaded OmniOutliner-r276751-Test.dmg as I was hoping to see sync.omnigroup.com integration. I currently enjoy OmniOutliner Pro both on my Mac and on iOS, but without the macOS version supporting Omni Sync Server, I find myself reaching for other tools.

Is iCloud filesystem the recommended direction?

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Thanks for asking, and sorry nobody’s answered before now!

On macOS, OmniPresence is a separate download, as you can combine multiple file types into a single location, rather than being limited to the iOS model of documents being tied to a specific application.

More information, as well as a download, is available on our OmniPresence for Mac page, and if you’d like more information, there’s also a support article on Syncing OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle iOS Apps Using OmniPresence. If you run into any issues, please contact our Support Humans, and they’ll get you all squared away!

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