OO5 - column title font change; freezing row / column while viewing?

Greetings, In OO5 is there a way to change the font attributes of a column’s title? The inspector has font greyed out, and I haven’t found (in documentation or hunting) any other way to change it from the document default. So I’m guessing the answer is no…

… short of making the first row my “column title” row, in which case, is there a way to freeze the top row from scrolling away when I scroll down the document, or similarly, freeze the left-most column to remain in view while scrolling horizontally? Not seeing this as an option either.


Column titles can not be individually styled. If you want to change the style used by all of them, select ‘Column Titles’ from top section of the Styles tab of the left sidebar and then modify it.

Freezing rows is not a option either. These are both existing feature requests though which I’ve added your feedback to. Thanks!

Yay, Thanks! that was not easy to find, so grateful for your help; and sidebar, I didn’t see a way to search the “Omnioutliner help” popup doc, though I’d guess this level of HowTo wouldn’t have been in there. Is there a manual that might have lead me to this answer? I’m fine with RTFM if the FM is somewhere to be found…

You’re welcome! Unfortunately the help format used for v5 does not contain a search function. The format we’re using now, that has been in recent new iOS releases does contain one. However, you can search on our support site and get results from the web hosted manual.

I’ve started using columns more extensively recently for certain types of documents, and am finding it would be super useful to be able to freeze the Topic column. So…+1 vote to add this feature soon.