OO5 test opens as Trial

Latest version of OO5 test opens as a 45-day trial. Is that intentional?

5.0 test (v181.1 r282109)

Yes. Is it the 45 days you’re surprised by? We use an extended trial period for test periods of major releases so you can switch between Essentials/Standard and Pro and so we don’t have to constantly reset the trial period. However, each build expires after a set amount of time which for these builds is 3 weeks.

Yes - it’s the 45 days while it’s still in test.I’d thought it would simply be the usual, time-limited test edition until release, and that the mode would switch then. I found it a little confusing because, of course, there’s no way yet to buy the upgrade from OO4.

Not a big deal, and it seems clear now.