Open a link in an Omnifocus tab

I like to put links to OmniFocus perspectives in the notes of my tasks. However, when I click on these links, they open in the current window. How can I have them open in new OmniFocus tabs? Tried using control-click but that didn’t work. Thanks.

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I was going to post the same - hopefully there’s an answer or at least @SupportHumans will record the request!

First, please bear in mind that these forums are a place to chat with other customers, not with Omni’s support team. I’ve just updated the welcome message to make that clearer:

With that out of the way…

You can get the behavior you’re looking for by setting the ShouldOpenLinksInNewWindows hidden preference. The simplest way to do that is to use this URL:


Once you’ve done that, clicking on a link which opens in OmniFocus will open it in a new tab or window (based on your “Prefer tabs when opening documents” setting in the Dock section of System Preferences).

If you wish to return to the default behavior (opening links in the same window), use this URL to reset that preference:


Hope this helps!


Thanks! Is there further documentation of the hidden preferences anywhere?

An unofficial list exists.


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