Open Archive unavailable after upgrade to OmniFocus 3

I launched OmniFocus 3 for Mac for the first time and noticed that File > Open Archive is greyed out. Presumably, this is because OF 3 is looking in a different location for the archive. Is it possible to recover my old archive?

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Sure! The easiest way is to archive from OmniFocus 3, at which point OmniFocus should offer to copy the old archive over for you, if you have updated from OmniFocus 2 on the same Mac.

Alternately, you can search for Archive.ofocus to find the current location.

If you were using OmniFocus 2 before, by default, the archive is located at ⁨Users⁩ ▸ ⁨username ▸ ⁨Library⁩ ▸ ⁨Containers⁩ ▸ ⁨com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2 ▸ ⁨Data⁩ ▸ ⁨Library⁩ ▸ ⁨Application Support⁩ ▸ ⁨OmniFocus⁩.

Put a copy of the older local archive into ⁨Users⁩ ▸ ⁨username ▸ ⁨Library⁩ ▸ ⁨Containers⁩ ▸ ⁨com.omnigroup.OmniFocus3⁩ ▸ ⁨Data⁩ ▸ ⁨Library⁩ ▸ ⁨Application Support⁩ ▸ ⁨OmniFocus⁩.



This is what you want to do. Rooting around in the OmniFocus container shouldn’t be necessary.


Perfect! Nearly 11 years of data in that archive. 🤓

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You forgot to add the disclaimer … shouldn’t be necessary when OF had a decent way to “Move Project to Archive”.

I did muck about in the OF container precisely because I dislike the current archiving method.

Now, I cannot get the Archive to accept a copy + paste operation (my preferred MO). Is anyone else having this problem?