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I’m using OmniOutliner for my iPad to give presentations. I’m running into the problem that only small sections of my outline load and so as I scroll up or down my outline will hang as it loads and then jump a little. This is very distracting when I’m trying to keep my thoughts together in front of a hundred people. Is there something I can do to load the entire outline so it doesn’t have to load in sections?

Sorry for the trouble this is causing! The behavior you’re describing sounds like what happens when OmniOutliner is trying to avoid asking iOS/your iPad for more RAM than it’s willing to devote to running the app. (If we ask for too much, iOS will forcibly shut the app down in a way that looks like a crash.)

If OmniOutliner thinks it won’t be able to load the entire document at once without risking that, it’ll load as much as it can into a smaller quantity of memory, then read the adjacent chunks out of storage and into that memory as you scroll around.

One thing that might help would be to restart the iPad before one of these presentations, and then launch OmniOutliner - and only OmniOutliner - until the talk is over. There are still limits to the amount of RAM the OS will devote to any one app, but restarting ensures you’ll get as much of that as possible.

(Restructuring/breaking up the document would be another way, of course - at least that way, you could make the pauses more consistent or predictable during your talk.)

Hope that helps!

Ok, thanks for the explaination. I’ll see if I can figure out a work around.

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