Open gmail links in an app on iOS?

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Wondering if someone might be able to help? I process my work email in gmail on Chrome using the OmniFocus Clippings service. On Omnifocus for mac, this seamlessly takes me back to the gmail message. However, from time to time I’m on iOS and want to have a quick look at the email via the link (with this type of format: The problem with this is that clicking on the link opens mobile Safari, requiring me to sign in to gmail every time I want to look at an email. Not as seamless as on mac.

The ideal solution for me would be a way to open these links in an app on iOS, whilst retaining the ability to get back to gmail via a browser on mac. I’m aware that Airmail will give me most of the solution for £10 per year and I am not averse to this option. However, if there’s a way to do this for free (maybe even using shortcuts?) then I would like to look at that first. Also, not overly keen on adding using Apple mail as I keep that as a separate space for personal email.

Any and all help is much appreciated.

There’s nothing you can do on iOS today with a link of the type “https://”. On iOS, that will always open Safari, as it is the handler for all http:// and https:// URLs (and maybe more). This is the way iOS currently works, and you can’t change the default URL handler on iOS like you can on macOS.

The only option would be if there was some way to change the https:// to something else (gmail:// for example) which was handled by an app (i.e. gmail on iOS) that could handle the URL and open the message in question. If the url content was the same, that might be fairly straightforward (i.e. take a string and replace http:// with gmail://) but I don’t know if that’s possible with the current gmail URLs. I’d expect some login token would also need to be carried along for security.

I can say that I just use Apple Mail on iOS and macOS, and in general the OmniFocus-generated links (which are are of the format message://%3C%3E) are universal and do properly open Mail on iOS or macOS respectively. But that’s what you said you didn’t want to do ;-)

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Perhaps an intermediate step through Chrome will work?
Try to replace https in your links with googlechromes:

Another thing you might try is the Opener app.

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