Open Next Changed Bookmark bug

Using this menu item or its shortcut cmd-option-c doesn’t mark the loaded bookmark as read. So using it repeatedly just alternates between loading the first two changed bookmarks. Marking bookmarks as read manually does work.

Uhm, where do you mark bookmarks as read manually? In the Bookmarks window?

I ask because I can think of no other place, but the Bookmarks window (as well as the History window) is always empty for me (although data is there in the respective menus) and I thought this was a general bug.

In the Bookmarks Page, yes, or in the favourites bar.

So your Bookmarks window (the one you open with Command-B) is not empty?

Oh, nice, I never realized that was possible.

No, it seems to be working fine.

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Thanks! So I know it’s not a general bug and I’ll have to look why it does not work for me …

Allow me one additional question to further track down this issue:

In OmniWeb → Preferences → Bookmark Preferences, do you have the Show bookmarks in: radio button set to a browser window or a separate window?

There you go; I have it set to “a browser window”. Switching to “a separate window” reproduces the bug you describe.

Aaahh, thanks!

So this is a reproducible bug and we know a workaround by switching to a browser window.