Open Perspective in a new window

I am 99% sure there is a way to do this but I cannot find out how. Is there a way to open a perspective in a new window so I can have two views at once? When clarifying I often like to have my project list open for the creation of projects and keep the inbox open in a separate window


You don’t indicate the platform you’re on, macOS or iOS. It’s different. Since I primarily use OmniFocus on the Mac, I’ll give an answer from that perspective (pun intended).

It’s a 3-step process. First press ⌥⌘N to open a new window. (It leaves your old window as it was.) Then, with the new window in focus, press ^⌘P to show your available perspectives. Last, click the desired perspective.

Side note: If you want to open the same perspective in both the new and old windows, it’s even easier. At the point above where you press ⌥⌘N, the new window opens with the same perspective as the old window.

I was referring to mac, sorry about that, but knowing for ios is helpful to. I will give this a try and most important stick this in my reference files so I remember it! Thanks so much1

You can also go the Perspectives menu and choose a perspective from that menu while holding down the option key. That will open the perspective in a new window.

In the perspective view settings, there is a checkbox that you can turn on to always open a custom perspective in. New window.


Sorry to disagree its actually “open in new tab” :)

I have Keyboard maestro set up to open certain perspectives in new widows as well as resize and remove the sidebar, inspector, toolbar etc. when I need for example a reference perspective on a second monitor.

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Not quite right… It depends on the macOS system preference for opening new tabs instead of new windows. Only when that is set to ‘always’ does the OF label say ‘open in new tab’. That’s not the default, so normally the OF label is ‘open in new view’ and it creates a new window.


Thanks, I see a lot of notes always about Keyboard Maestro. I have never looked into it and dont know what that is yet. I am relatively new to the mac world as I just switched from a pc a couple of months ago.

I stand both instructed and corrected 👍

You will love it, it is one of the things I can not imagine being without… automate thinks like opening programs, text expansion, resize windows and a whole lot more.

For example I have a KBM macro which runs every morning, which downloads a .csv file using Firefox (Safari does not playe nice with downloading as opposed to viewing some file types), opens BBedit strips out the first line of the csv file, saves it, opens file manager in its directory and finally opens the clients shopify shop stock feed app where I can just drag the file into an upload box. Time taken about 20seconds to do manually a couple of minutes. Multiply this by 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year and savings start to mount up.

Thanks, I will check it out

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