Open Perspective in New Window (and remember format)

Is there a method to open a perspective in a new window? Also, is it possible to have it to remember it’s state? In an ideal world, I’d be able to double-click the perspective, and it would in a window with no toolbars, and no sidebars either. Just the list of tasks with checkboxes.

Yeah, I’d love that too. But to get around the limits, I love using Keyboard Maestro to automate this process.

I have a hot key that allows me to bring OmniFocus to the front and switch to my Today custom perspective (Due or Flagged). I automatically resize it to my personal preferences for window size. It also hides the sidebars and the toolbar. Then the same macro will open up a Fantastical window to Today’s date and switches it to Day view. I can drag and drop tasks from OmniFocus into Today’s schedule.

I know, I know. No one wants to pay for another app when we were hoping to have it included. But Keyboard Maestro is one of those apps that sneaks up on you. You’ll use it for a few select chances but then you’ll gradually build a small library of macros/hot keys that saves you tons of time by automating tasks without requiring you to learn a language like Javascript or AppleScript.

It’s an essential part of my toolkit when I’m on my Mac and is one of the first apps I install on my computers.


Wow, I remember when I had a “small library”. Long ago. Keyboard Maestro rocks, and plays very nice with Omnifocus.

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