Open tag (search for) with shortcuts

Is it possible to run a shortcut script and type in-the tag you want to open…

like you can do on the Mac with cmd+O

Yes there is a shortcut provided by OmniFocus called “Find tags where title contains” you can either choose “ask me each time” or pass a predefined variable using the “Choose from menu” action to populate the field.

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Thank you for youre response

I had tried that but it is not working for me

  • I have it set to “ask each time”
  • I type in and press enter
  • it runs but nothing happens

Ok I his should do it …

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Thank you for your answer

I was hoping to find a solution to be able to use this like “cmd+o” on the mac, be able to open the tag I need at any specific moment (not always the same tag).

You can just change the “waiting for” in the example above to “ask each time” and it will give you a list of tags to choose from. “Ask each time” is a variable and you will find it at the bottom of the list of tags when creating the shortcut

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