Opening files from Google Drive or other cloud storage providers


Hi everyone,

I have the exact same issue as lloydde, but with Google Drive. I’m new to OmniOutliner, but a long time OmniFocus user.

Basically, that leaves me with:

iCloud Drive - which is not very practical for sharing entire folders with other people, or separating home / work life.
OmniPresence - built-in the iOS app, but requires yet-another-file-sync-agent on Mac, and does not include always-on encryption like OmniFocus.

This is far from ideal. I can’t open .oo3 or .ooutline on Google Drive, either within Google Drive or the Files App. I can however use the iOS share extension and open a copy in OmniOutliner, so the file format is understood at some level.

I can even save to Google Drive from the iOS client.

So, what storage providers are officially supported by OmniOutliner? I understand the file format may be different, but this is something I use with a lot of other apps flawlessly.

Is anyone successfully syncing between Mac and iOS using Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or maybe even Microsoft OneDrive?


iOS can't open .ooutline "file package" stored on dropbox

This appears to be an issue with Google Drive. It’s very hard to get any good info on it, but best I can tell, the iOS app needs to support the file type to allow opening of it from Drive. There’s been issues with this for a very long time as can be seen in such threads as these:!topic/drive/GXlXu827Pr0!topic/drive/zRNeEtF4kcc!msg/drive/z0KWrxDMRUM/HwP8E321EqEJ

The files are stored intact, which you’ve seen yourself, since you can send a copy of the file to OmniOutliner.

We have no known issues with iCloud Drive, Box, DEVONthink, OneDrive, or Dropbox (using the flat .ooutline format).

.oo3 files will no work in all of those as they can only be saved as a package file and won’t work in Google Drive either.


Ironically, the only file I was able to open at one point from Files (and which gets updated in Drive when I edit it on my iPhone), was a .oo3.

I contacted support if you want to do more testing, and on my side I will file a support case with Google. They seem to almost randomly hijack extensions etc.