Opening just the current day in Forecast

I really, really like the new Forecast view. I’ve got one issue though. I would love to be able to have a link or a perspective or a button that I could click to only open Forecast with the current day selected (the same view you get when you go to Forecast and click on today). Is this currently possible? If not are there any plans to add this? Ideally, I would see it as an option to select in the Forecast perspective settings, “Show only today” or “Preselect today” or something like that. I feel like this would make a killer “Today” view, better even from what my previous favourite app Things 3 had! Even more awesome would be, if they made it possible to create a Forecast like perspective with the same features as the current Forecast, but for Today. This we could have both Forecast and Today without having to fiddle with the settings too much!

It’s worth noting that if you click Today, Forecast remembers that selection. You can navigate away from Forecast, and even close and reopen the app, and come back and Today should be selected.

This doesn’t seem to work, both on iOS and Mac as well (the most current beta).

It’s possible I’m misunderstanding what you’re after. This is a Mac-specific tip, since on iOS tapping the Today Forecast cell or main Forecast label will take you to Today.

But on the Mac, if you click the Today cell, click on, say, the Inbox tab and then click the Forecast tab, Today is not pre-selected?

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This for me it works ok, and @deaghean too. I don´t know why don´t this work for you :( ?

Oh, that is super interesting. So, it looks like I know what’s wrong. Basically - I don’t have the Forecast perspective in the sidebar. I have it in the toolbar instead. Now, if I click on it (in the toolbar), then click on Today then click on Inbox, then back on Forecast (in the toolbar) it doesn’t work (i.e. I see all the days).
IF, though, I add Forecast to the sidebar, then open it (via the sidebar), then click on Today then on Inbox, then on Forecast (can be via the sidebar or the toolbar) it does WORK!
It keeps working, but stops as soon as I remove Forecast from the sidebar!

For now I’ll keep it in the sidebar and will post a message to support@omnifocus as this looks like a bug to me!
Thanks everybody, you’ve been very helpful.