OF 4 Forecast: tips on working with multi-day selections

In OF 3 I was able to multi-select days in the forecast. This is no longer possible in OF 4 (I can only select one day). Please bring this back. Use case is that I often have Past due items that I want to see in my Today Forecast as well, so I select the “Past” tab and “Today” tab.

Also, neither OF 3 nor OF 4 fully “remember” this selection, despite what this comment claims. The selection “sticks” for a few perspective changes but then is lost. Please remember the selection consistently.

iOS/iPadOS/Apple Watch forecast should work the same way I think.

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Never thought about multi-day selection. Interesting idea.

Actually, I was able to select multiple days on my iPad in OF4.

It works as follows:

  1. Turn on day selection:
    Option A: Tap on 3 dot menu on top and choose Select and tap on the desired dates.
    Option B: Swipe with two fingers over the date items in either the calendar or week control and tap on the desired dates.

  2. Lock the selection in:
    Confirm at the top with Done.

Then you can switch to different perspective and come back to Forecast. Days remain kept selected.

If you tap on any day in month or week selector again that becomes the new selection and your multi-day is gone.

Interesting. Confirmed for iPad. 👍 I can actually select any combination of tabs (which are called “rows”?) … Not sure this makes a lot of sense.

Anyhow, that got me thinking: this should maybe also work on the Mac somehow but no combination of shift, command, option or control with clicking the tabs in the top row lets me multi-select tabs.

However: If I open the sidebar, that’s where I can multi-select! (And, yes, also crazy-multi-select, see second screenshot.)

OmniFocus team: please enable this for the top tabs as well, so we don’t have to open and close the sidebar every time. Should be straightforward to implement. We were able to do this in OF3 and it makes a lot of sense to be able to focus on a range in a product that has Focus in its name 😉

Unfortunately, I cannot test anything on Mac, because I have none.

Selection allows you to select one or more actions/action groups/projects displayed in Forecast. Selection of rows makes sense there, but with the option to select days you are right that‘s not a good description. Before you mentioned it I haven‘t even considered selecting days. Thanks again for that tip.

If I were you, I‘d write to OmniGroup directly ( support@omnigroup.com ). My impression is they are more active in the Slack forums.

Discovered today (1 day later) that my goal of having Past and Today selected basically all the time doesn’t work after all. The selection is linked to the days, not the tabs (“Past” and “Today”). So what was Past and Today selected yesterday is today simply Past, see attached.

Same on iPhone/iPad and Mac.

I’ll ping OF support with this, thanks.

I am not surprised. There may be a chance selecting Past and Today can be automated with a plugin that you could put on a keyboard combination. Are you interested in something like this?

What I thought of before seems not to work on iOS:

  • selectForecastDays(days:Array of ForecastDay) → ( ) • Selects the days in the Forecast picker represented by days. On iOS, only the first day is selected, and the rest are ignored. This will throw an error if Forecast is not the current perspective in this window.

Yeah, heard back from Joseph in Support. Multi-select fell off the truck in the OF4 rewrite, they added it to the feature database…

This means there‘s no support on Mac? Or if it works then it is by accident? Or the API support on mobile?

I have no idea. It seems the main component was rewritten without support for multi-select. The calendar in the sidebar may still be old code, so supports it.

Selecting multiple days in Forecast is now supported on iPhone, iPad, and Mac—i.e., everywhere but on the Apple Watch—unlike in v3 where it was only supported on Mac.

However, the new Forecast header was built for iPhone and iPad first, and so it was designed to use Edit mode to select multiple days—but the Mac app doesn’t have an Edit mode, so that method doesn’t work there.

Our intent for the Mac app is that you should be able to use Shift-Click and Command-Click in that Forecast header to select a contiguous range of days or to add/remove days from your selection, much like you would Shift- or Command-Click to select multiple items in the outline. And that interaction does work in the sidebar calendar, just as it did in v3. (Note that v3 only had the sidebar calendar. So what used to work in v3 still works exactly the same as before, but the new header doesn’t yet support the Mac the way we intend for it to be supported.)

Meanwhile, as noted above you should be able to select multiple days using Omni Automation—and in v4 this is meant to be supported on all platforms, since selecting multiple days is finally supported everywhere. But from what I’m reading above, we have a bit of work to do yet to enable this on iPhone and iPad.

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Thanks Ken, appreciate the explanation and keep up the good work!

@bumfuzzle In another thread Ken posted selecting multiple days via automation is going to be possible with OF 4.1.

awesome, thanks!


I‘don‘t remember how I came upon this script. It obviously was written by Udo Leiteritz. I even don‘t know if I have changed anything.

However, it works with OmniFocus 4.2 TestFlight on e.g. iPad. The plugin sets past and today as the selected days in Forecast perspective.

forecast-show-today.omnifocusjs (926 Bytes)

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Fantastic! Thanks!

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