Opening OG causes continuous beachball of death

Running OG 7.3 as soon as I open the app it sits there with a beachball, after about 10minutes the app opens and then when you do anything you get the same beachball.

I have uninstalled it completely and installed again to no avail, very unsure about what’s going on with it use the app basically every day so it’s a bit of an issue.

Running macOS Sierra on 15" MBP tb

Hi Brendan,

That doesn’t sound expected. The best course of action would be to contact support humans, but we do have an article of troubleshooting steps to take first at if you’d like to try them. If it is any comfort, I can’t reproduce the problem here on my 15" MBP, but I could be missing some important details. Sorry about the trouble and I hope we can get you back up and running quickly.


Hey Lanette,

I have submitted a support query with the following ID: OG #1769898