Opening Visio file

When opening a Visio file I get the following message:
‘Inconsistent shape reference - shape not found’
Can someone advise how to resolve this?

Does the file open in visio without error? Is it an old visio file?

I also have issues with opening Visio files although I get a different error “The document network.vsd could not be opened”

Not the most helpful of errors!

Any ideas?

I’m so frustrated not being able to open Visio 2010 files on my Mac! I can’t get to my old work :-(

Does the file open in visio without problem? Can you share the visio file?

Me I have “…could not be opened. Out of array bound”.

For all my Visio files, except very simple ones.

I’ve gone through a bunch of old visio files and stumbled across a stencil with the same issue as reported here. Removed all but one image and it still has the import problem. I cannot upload the file here but if anyone of omni is listening, send me pm and I’ll provide it.