Opening .vsdx files

Hello. I use Visio at my workplace and got Omnigraffle so I could view and possibly work on files at home on my Mac. I just opened a .vsdx drawing in Omnigrafle and it doesn’t fit the page. The objects are all there and in the correct positions, but the single page Visio drawing fills about 1 1/2 pages in Omnigraffle. Is there a way to have it open with sizing similar to the original? Thanks.

Cheap trick, not very accurate but may work for you: select all, group, resize, ungroup…

+1 on .vsdx compatibility. We need 100% transparency between the two platforms. My boss uses Visio and wants me to install a VM + Visio so there are fewer compatibility issues. I’d like it if we had 100% transparent .vsdx ←→ .graffle capabilities. I realize this is not easy to do and is an arms race. But I’ll bet you sell more product if there are no issues.