(Option to) automatically expand/contract notes for current action

Continuing the discussion from Quick Entry - Please expand notes by default, it’d be really nice to (optionally) have the notes contract- and expand automatically when going between items.

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You probably already know this, and I know that it isn’t automatic, but command-apostrophe opens and focuses notes in the app and in quick entry. You can hit your quick entry key combo and then immediately hit command-apostrophe. If you use an app like Keyboard Maestro you can make this be automatic. Hope this helps.

Didn’t think of using something like Keyboard Maestro. Checking out what it can do. Thanks! I guess to do what I originally suggested there would have to be a way to observe or listen to app events like action selection and script around that. Maybe some day. :)

You didn’t mention it, but I suspect the reason you want to start off in the notes may be similar to my own. When I want to capture something that has my attention, I’m almost always thinking about a description, rather than a title. Titling the entry comes second, and there’s a chance I might even lose the clarity of thought that caused me to open the quick entry window if I make the mental switch to trying to define in it as an action before capturing the reasons. Fortunately, OF has me covered. I just hit command-apostrophe, type out the thought, and then hit command-apostrophe again which places the cursor back in the title. For thoughts that occur about very specific projects, there’s the option of typing the note first and then hitting the up arrow which places the cursor in the project field. Hit the up arrow again and the cursor is in the title. Later, when clearing my inbox, I usually find some of these captured thoughts shouldn’t be in OmniFocus at all. I do most of my higher level thinking with software called TheBrain. For this reason I have a context called “Move into TheBrain” which I use regularly. It helps keep OF reasonably task based and uncluttered with ideas and resources.